Visas, Green cards & legal support

Happy Retailer offers Sales/marketing and Distribution your products in USA and Canada directly to US customers, from US warehouse.

We provide following services:

– sell and promote your products on the US market

– handle accounting and financial transaction for your company in USA

– establish US entity for you / open bank account in an US bank

– establish US business office

– help to get L1A/EB5 type of immigration visas (Green Card))

– Build and promote a website for your products

– Provide localization and certification services

Our idea will deliver the following customer benefits:

– Accept all major Credit card and payment systems

– Reduce transactional risk (since buyers are dealing with US Based entity)

– Same day shipping. Customer received an item in less than 5 business days

– Prompt RMA handling

– Avoid negative product reports/feedback


We’re looking forward to doing business with you and can also provide extra services if needed.